Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Thought I Was Done

I used to have a different blog and I decided I was done with blogging.
I shut it all down and I was content with that.
Until recently. Things are happening.
When said things happen, I think, "Man, I'd like to blog this!"
And so I created this blog in hopes to have a place to continue to gather my thoughts.
And those things that happen.
Here you will find things about our family:
My amazing husband and I have two beautiful girls and one babe on the way any day now!
Things about our backyard chickens:
We have eight hens in our backyard in the middle of the city.
Things about our 'urban farm':
I should use that term loosely this year as our garden is in a sad state.
Plans to ditch city living for a few acres between the corn and soy beans of Illinois or Iowa.
As well as thoughts about natural living, attachment parenting, and sustainable living.
I might squeeze in a few things about birth, too - I'm a doula and it's never far from my mind.
At any rate, I'm excited to have a space again!