Our Family

(Sans Lydia, she's new)
Jared (the husband)
Sarah (the wife)
Esther (the daughter)
Abigail (the daughter)
Lydia (the daughter - are you seeing a pattern here?)
Rowdy (the dog)
Chicken Bicken, Sunflower, Baby, Pink, Yellow, Green, Blue, and White (the hens)
There are probably some bugs around, too.
We live in a house, in a city along the Mighty Mississippi.
He's a plumber.
He's also a potter and handyman extraordinaire. 
I'm a doula.
I'm passionate about childbirth, breastfeeding and the like.
We strive to be gentle parents, raising our girls in love and respect.
The plan is to ditch the city life for a farmstead. Soon.

We've made a lot of changes in our family in the past year or so.
Paper free, chemical free, all of those crunchy things we all read about online.
We love researching and finding old answers to old problems as the new answers aren't working.
We homebirth.
We homeschool.
We compost.
We grow.
These things I'll share and probably more.
Enjoy the ride.

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