Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dear Abigail: You're THREE!

Dear Abigail,

I can hardly believe this day has arrived! You're growing up so stinkin' fast! You're still such a little peanut
that it's hard to remember you really are a big girl. But you are, and you're a beautiful person.

You love to play with Esther and Lydia; you have a great imagination. The story lines you come up with are just hilarious! You like to color and paint. You just got some crayon rocks for Easter that you really dig. You love to sing, often singing crazy things that really don't make sense. You have a lot of songs that you've made up about Lydia, again, hilarious! You love your baby sister, that's for sure. I was a little nervous you'd be jealous, but you're not. You like to come snuggle with us while she nurses. She likes to look at you while she eats, often getting distracted, which just makes you giddy! You also like doing puzzles, you're a natural! You like to read, your favorite books are Llama Llama books, Elephant and Piggie books, and Little Critter books, but you like anything as long as someone is reading. You have a 'game' that you call "The Little Lord Jesus Game" which is an interactive Nativity with a book. You are IN LOVE with it! You love going on walks around our neighborhood and picking up sticks. You also love the museum and the zoo!

We've started to do some school work, you're great with shapes, colors, letters and numbers. I blame Esther. You don't really like to write, yet, but I know that will come. I wonder sometimes if you would want to sit and do school if Esther wasn't. You do seem to enjoy it, though. You are very smart and know what you want to do and what you don't want to do!

You and Esther are so close, which really brings joy to my heart. Besides her, you spend the most time with your friend, 'Beebeek' (Burkley). I love to see you interact with other kids (especially our church family kids, who you're most familiar with), you're so sweet and are so full of happiness! You like to try to remember the Bible verses that you learn in Bible School, too, which is always cute! Your favorite at this point is probably, "Joy to God all the Earth!!" = "Shout for joy to God all the Earth." Psalm 66:1. Which is just absolutely perfect for you!

Your favorite foods are strawberries, grapes, apples, yogurt, peanut butter toast, bunny crackers, and milk.

You are such a funny kid! The things you say crack us up!
- "You do the rest and I will zip it up" is probably my favorite, meaning you want me to start your zipper on your jacket and then you'll zip it.
- "When it's a sunny day..." referring to the morning. You have lots of plans!
- "Bless you, me" when you sneeze.

I'm excited for this next year in your little life! Now that you're three, you can start Cubbies this fall (which is crazy because that means you really are a big kid!!). At the same time, I'll also start being a little more serious with homeschool with Esther, so I know you'll get into that as well. I can wait to see you grow and change. The Lord has truly blessed our family with you, Goo Ruth! Happy Birthday, my Goo Babe, God has truly blessed our family with your sweet little self!!


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  1. Happy Birthday, Abigail! We love you so much! You're just the cutest little peanut and your BFF Burkley loves you to bits. He asks about you daily and I just love that he has you as a BF! I can't believe your three (I always forget that you're so much older than B!)and you really are such a big girl in so many ways! :) Love you!!!