Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wool: The Big Change

Our first soaker, made by my awesome friend!
We've been cloth diapering for quite some time now and always used PUL covers. I have no ill-will towards said covers. That said, I still wanted to try something new and more natural. I've been interested in wool soakers for a while because Amy at Anktangle raves about them. But something kept me from taking the plunge. Maybe it was the cost or the perceived extra care. Or just a different system. I have sort of an issue with using different systems when it comes to cloth diapering. I want everything to be the same every time. So I stayed away.
But then I remembered my trusty friend who knits and crochets. Surely she would make me one on the cheap (or as a gift!) to try out before diving in! Low and behold, she agreed and had it done within the week. I got it. I loved it. I had no idea what to do with it. So I went searching on Amy's blog and found instructions on lanolizing Lydia's new cover. Super simple, I couldn't believe it! So I went to work lanolizing the soaker and laid it out to dry. The lanolizing itself is so quick and easy, I sort of feel silly that I was nervous about it. The hard part is the wait because it does take a while to dry. I REALLY wanted to cram my tiny baby into it!
Finally, the hour had come. I put her prefold on like I always do and then the soaker. SO CUTE! I was so apprehensive - it was hard to imagine that this cute little knitted nicker would actually stay dry. I kept feeling her little tushy, making sure she wasn't leaking. I may have been extra gun shy because she had leaked on me earlier in the day through a PUL cover. To my surprise and happiness, NO LEAKING! I'm still a little in shock. I wasn't a believer enough to leave her in the soaker overnight, however. We bed share and I just knew I'd be up at 3AM, changing sheets while my wet baby and groggy husband stood by. Since then, though, we've used the soaker all day and all night on a few occasions. I'm converted! I absolutely love our soaker! I'm also going to have my friend make a few for our two year old to slip on at night. Though she's pretty good about using the potty during waking hours, night time is a different story. And with her refusal to wear diapers, a soaker might be up her alley. And mine. Because changing wet sheets and a wet toddler in the middle of the night is less than exciting.

Lydia sporting her soaker
Thinking of making the switch? Here are some fun facts I have learned that might persuade you:
  • Wool is 100% natural and renewable (as if you needed me to tell you that).
  • Wool is super breathable.  
  • A soaker will absorb liquid AND repel liquid at the same time.It's magic.
  • Great for all seasons - keeping baby cool in summer, warm in winter. Again with the magic.
Here are some awesome resources should you require further convincing:
Amy at Anktangle's Lanolizing Instructional.
Amy also has an awesome shop where she sells her soakers and other awesome tidbits.
That Mama Gretchen hosted 'Wool Week' last year and has some great posts from all the wool greats.
Hobo Mama shares and breaks down wool myths.

The Artful Mama shares how she up-cycles wool sweaters and how she travels with wool

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  1. That is one gorgeous soaker! So glad you've made the switch to wool. I'm always so happy when people believe me that wool is awesome. :)