Monday, October 1, 2012

October Unprocessed: Week One

I am so excited to be forcing my family to partake in October Unprocessed this year! Pretty self explanatory, but I'll explain a little anyway. During the month of October, you eat food as unprocessed as possible...ok, I truly did not need to explain that. At any rate, I'm pumped. We're not going COMPLETELY unprocessed, but I am excited for a few different reasons:
  1. Forcing (gently!) my family to try new foods. We've made HUGE strides in the past year, but there are areas for more improving. Especially with the four year old, who's pretty picky and generally angry about new foods. October may prove to be a rough month.
  2. Forcing me to not take the easy route. Don't get me wrong, there's a time and a place for the easy route. But I'm wondering more and more if we should be taking said easy route when it comes to our food choices.
  3. Budget wise, unprocessed generally equals cheaper. But it's cheaper over the long run. For instance, buying all the ingredients to make tortilla shells instead of buying tortilla shells doesn't equal out. But those same ingredients will stretch over multiple batches of tortilla shells (and other stuff!) and prove to be nicer to the bank account. 
So, for the first week, I'm planning on doing the staples that my family loves, but tweaking them to be less processed:
  1. Monday = Free night. We eat at church and I don't have control over the menu. But it's always super good, so I'm ok with it.
  2. Tuesday = Tacos (a Tuesday constant). Tacos at our house are pretty unprocessed as it is, but there are two things that will change. I'm going to make my own seasoning and shells. I've never made my own seasoning, but it can't be that hard, right? I have made my own shells and look forward to repeating that recipe. I think instead of frying them though, I'll bake them. We'll see how that goes. Our beef is from a local farmer as well as our produce. I missed getting cheese from the market this weekend, but will rectify that situation next week.
  3. Wednesday = Brinner. Mmm. Again, pretty unprocessed anyway, but I am going to make our pancakes from scratch. Yes I usually use a mix. Don't judge me. Other than that, we'll have bacon (from a local farmer) and eggs (from our backyard). Oh, and the maple syrup that we use is actual maple syrup. None of this artificial butter flavor crapola. 
  4. Thursday = Burgers and pasta. Again, our beef is from a local farmer. I'm planning on making our own buns next burger night, but for this one, we have buns left over from last week. And since I loathe wasting food, I refuse to waste these. The pasta, however, will be homemade by our house mate, which is awesome. 
  5. Friday = Frittata (a Friday constant). With hens in our backyard, this has been a fun way to use up some eggs. I make it different every week, but usually add some onion, spinach, and potato. Sometimes some leftover bacon from Brinner. Always yummy and always unprocessed. 
  6. Saturday = Pizza. This is another staple that's pretty unprocessed. We have sausage from a pig the husband helped butcher. I make my own pizza crust and sauce. And we just add whatever veggies we have left over from the week.
I'm excited to start our first unprocessed week! Our breakfasts are the same every day - toast with peanut butter and honey. I'm not making my own bread this week, but might dive in next week (or buy some from market.). Lunches are along the same lines: PB&J (at their boring request!), fruit and veggies, yogurt (not interested in making my own yogurt!). Snack time might be a little difficult because we generally have bunny crackers which are obviously processed, but we'll see. Maybe I can coerce them into my ways. Some of our other cheats include chips for the husband's lunch (I definitely don't have the energy to make homemade chips), granola bars for the husband's lunch (he loves his Nature Valley bars, I can't blame him), and cereal.

This whole unprocessed shindig has got me into a baking mode, too. So also on the schedule this week is Apple and Cheddar Scones and Brownies (both from the Smitten Kitchen). Oh, and lactation cookies, of course. And I started brewing my own Kombucha last night, so I'm pretty stoaked about that as well!

Happy October Unprocessed!!


  1. Woo hooo!!! How about instead of doing this myself, I just help you? lol. We eat generally pretty much unprocessed, but of course there are things I could tweak if I had the time/money/energy. Anyhow, I will bring some of my homemade pizza sauce. I can also get back on track with making you bread, since I've been slacking on that. Also, we've all but eliminated the bunny crackers in our house since they kept getting devoured by our stupid ants anyway and I got sick of buying them as well as sick of my son's greediness when it comes to them. We've replaced them with fresh fruits and veggies, fruit leathers, homemade granola bars, and of course he does love fruit-cereal bars (yes, they're processed, but organic, does that count?). Just some ideas your kiddos might like...perhaps?

    1. Quite helpful ;) Ok, here's a run down: pizza sauce is fantastic; love the bread; still bunny cracker addicts over here, but hoping to try my hand out at making them; your ants suck; we definitely dig fresh fruits and veggies and fruit leathers (again on needing to make my own!); and I tried to get them into Burkley's fruit bars: Esther was down, Abigail was not!). And I am counting organic stuff!

  2. Also, I love that you say you're forcing it on your family. Hilarious!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! Definitely kept me accountable! I need to do an update! Hope you're doing well in your unprocessed venture too!!